Home Organic PH

Find a home+organic every-thing in Bacolod City, the Philippines


  • We invite you to the Organic Food Bowl of Southeast Asia, the Negros Island.
  • In Negros Occidental, 15,800.837 hectares (39,044 acres) are farmed by 17,031 farmers/producers.
  • Experience our lifestyle – we have time to relax, take naps, grow and enjoy our organic produce, where we actually look forward to work (!) — in the garden, time with our kids, even a quick nap on a weekday afternoon.
  • We advocate growing our own organic food at home, and we share what we know.
  • We show you properties that are for sale and how they are located vis-a-vis organic farms, agricultural suppliers, and healthcare centers.
  • We want to contribute to make organic food gardening substantial in the Philippines.
  • Share our journey towards a stress-free and healthy lifestyle in Bacolod City.