Congratulations for making an effort to start organic gardening!

I’ve been doing organic gardening for 5 years now in Bacolod City, and I’ll share with you valuable inputs I learned throughout those years.

Here goes:

  1. Educate yourself.
    • Here are the websites that have helped me:
      • Facebook Page of Perfecto Jojo Rom.  Be sure to check out his photos and captions and status updates because everything is there.  If you can, I suggest you get hold of his manual, “Urban Container Gardening:  A Home Farming Manual”.  You can order from him directly through his Facebook account.  He typically replies within the day.  Home Farming Manual
      • Learn Organic Gardening at Growing your Greens, a YouTube channel.  John has a multitude of very helpful videos.
  2. Start making compost with your kitchen waste.
  3. Start your worm bin.
  4. Prepare your garden soil.
    • I learned this recipe from Jojo Rom:
      • 1 part dry and sieved ordinary oil (in Ilonggo, this is called “bonbon”).
      • 1/2 part vermicast (worm castings or vermicompost) or any animal manure (except horse’s and carnivorous animals like dogs and cats)
      • 1/2 part carbonized rice hull
      • 2 parts semi-composted coco peat, rice hull, or sawdust
      • 1/4 part ash
    • Here are the sources of sawdust.
      • All furniture shops along Lopez Jaena St., Bacolod City.  They dump their saw dust either in their compound or outside.  You can haul them for free.
    • Here are the sources of rice hull.
      • All rice mills along Sum-ag road, Bacolod City.  They dump their rice hull either in their compound or outside.  You can haul them for free.
    • Here is the source of rice hull ash.
  5. Start planting!
  6. Prepare your organic fertilizers.
    • At home, we fertilize using worm castings or vermicompost (vermicast), urine, and/or vermitea.
  7. Prepare your organic pesticides for pest control.
    • I blogged about pest control in organic gardening .  These are real life situations, so please do check it out.
    • Here is another one way.  This material is not mine, and I totally forgot where I got this.
    • Organic Pesticide

I’ll update as we go along.  Please email me if you have any queries and/or feedback.

Happy organic gardening!


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Forbes Hill Entrance